We are completing our 40th year of service, first in Alaska and then in Washington. McCool Law has diligently put the client first; this dedication has resulted in one of the best success rates, verdicts and settlements in Eastern Washington. Our Firm has completed over 350 criminal and civil jury trials as well as numerous bench trials. This wealth of experience enables us to efficiently evaluate your case and achieve the best possible result under the facts and the law. Our Mission is to successfully navigate our clients through the legal system with all its complexities, achieving the best possible outcome. This means that we are able to discern whether trial or settlement is your best option. As a McCool Law client, you can be assured of the very highest level of personal attention and professional experience.

At the Law Office of William McCool, our mission is to keep our clients informed of all aspects of their case, including any potential sentencing options.  Mr. McCool’s extensive knowledge and experience has resulted in many favorable outcomes for the firm’s clients.

During the initial consultation, we encourage you to ask as many questions as you need, so that you can gain a thorough understanding of what you’re facing and what outcomes we will aggressively and passionately pursue on your behalf.

If you are facing criminal charges, you want the strongest defense possible. Whether you’re charged with DUI, assault domestic violence, marijuana possession, theft, drug trafficking, rape, murder, fraud, cyber-crime etc., you can be assured that your case will be handled by a criminal defense attorney in Washington with the utmost experience.  Also, if you’ve been injured in any way, be it a car or boating accident, slip and fall, dog bite, etc., call us so we can assist you.

Criminal charges are generally either felonies or misdemeanors. At the Law Offices of William McCool, we recognize that these potential charges can have devastating affects on our clients. We make it our personal mission to try and prevent them!


Criminal Defense

State and Federal Crimes

Personal Injury

Motor Vehicle Accidents, Airplane Crashes and Premises Liability Cases

Wrongful Death Cases

Medical Malpractice Lawsuits, Product Liability/Defective Products Lawsuits

“We handle a wide array of both state and federal offenses. The list below is just a sample of the matters that we deal with. If we are not able to represent you, either because of a conflict, or because your matter involves another area of practice, we will make sure that we refer you to the best possible attorney for your needs.”

  • 5 murder trials with 3 not guilty verdicts
  • 2 vehicular homicides both not guilty
  • 11 adult rapes where 9 were found not guilty
  • Numerous child rape and molestation trials with over half not guilty
  • Numerous drug trials
  • 1 arson trial not guilty both counts
  • Several robbery trials
  • Several burglary trials with over half of the cases successful
  • Numerous assault trials with over two thirds of the cases successful